Most events on Cyber Security deliver good content. This is one topic where there is never enough as it’s constantly evolving in real-time. The sophistication and vectors of attacks are unpredictable. It’s truly a never-ending cat and mouse game. We actually talk about this topic every day on our eChannelNEWS column called “The Daily Breach” (Subscribe if you want to get an up to date feed).

I remember when data security protection was sold like a life insurance policy for the rare occasion if something happens. Today, it’s more of a prevention “vitamin” to keep your business healthy 365 days a year. You really do need to keep boosting your data’s “immune system” every day and even so, there is no guarantee.

The business of cyber security protection has been greatly accelerated because of dramatic rise in hackers and ransomware. One thing we know for sure is that businesses need to have solid data protection in place and channel partners better have their game-on as failure here is not an option.

We see the rise in attack vectors to the channel partners because if a hacker breaks one, they get immediate access to many more victims. We also see an accelerated growth and more sophisticated attacks because of the current pandemic. With so many people flocking to work from home, it has been like an open hunting season for hackers.

Between state-sponsored hacking, globally organized hacking groups and individuals just looking for a payday, no one is safe anymore. You can read the mountains of stories on all sorts of attacks on just about every type of victim. A good tip for channel partners is to share these stories with their customers to continually build their awareness of the problem.

At the ChannelNEXT Virtual Cyber Security event on June 25, we will focus on the channel community and what they need to do to protect their customers and themselves. Every speaker, workshop and vendor will focus on a related component of this theme.

We kick things off with a keynote from Gartner on the big picture of cyber security today and tomorrow in SMB. They will discuss the research data to help channel partners make better decisions.

We will have a panel of 3 leading MSSPs to discuss what they see happening and how they are protecting their customers every day. They are the best for providing great advice based on their experience.

We will have qualified experts debate the pros and cons of building a security stack in-house versus outsourcing to a SOC or MSSP.

We will talk about AI and how that may be the strongest defense against attacks. We will also talk about hackers using AI to deliver more sophisticated socially engendered attacks.

We will showcase tools that channel partners can leverage to improve their security game immediately.

We will feature a stack of security vendors who are on top of their game and can help channel partners button down the security gaps in their portfolio and customers. At the very least, it will help you to verify the health of your security offering.

As we build out the agenda for this event, you will see the why this is one cyber security event not to miss!

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