WekaIO, the data platform for AI and modern workloads, celebrates a year of tremendous growth and accolades. 

As we look back at fiscal-year 2021, WEKA continued to grow at an unimaginable rate. In Q4 of FY21 alone, WEKA had more deals than all of 2020 combined. Revenue more than doubled year over year. WEKA welcomed new enterprise customers across key verticals, including life sciences, research labs, automotive, and federal.

The executive team was supercharged with the onset of seasoned executives including Amit Pandey, Jonathan Martin, David Gilinsky, Todd Haller, Collin Gallagher, and Sean Hiss. In addition, headcount doubled in just 12 months, hiring global talent from some of the world’s most successful storage and technology organizations.

“The technical and GTM talent at WEKA is top shelf.  I’ve always believed that the very best companies are simply built on great people and great ideas, and WEKA has both in spades.  We have augmented the team with incredible talent at all levels this year and are poised to do something truly special in FY22. The sky is the limit with this team,” said Jonathan Martin, President at WEKA.

WEKA’s global footprint was accelerated with the opening of new offices in EMEA and APAC. Growing global reach has accelerated customer adoption across the planet and created a best-in-class customer success experience.

Looking forward, WEKA has massive plans for 2022. Next year is going to see more and more organizations harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform our world in ways unimagined. 

For more information, go to https://www.weka.io.