There are so many technologies and solutions that I get to learn about through my conversations with some of the smartest people on the planet. Sometimes, I am just blown away with their amazing tech. If you want to learn about the solutions and vendors to explore, then check out some of the hundreds of videos on eChannelNEWS.

Since no one could support all of these solutions, it’s important to choose wisely and prioritize. However, I would encourage all MSPs to think about widening their portfolio with some of these technologies to find a new “lane” in which you can accelerate. Some of these technologies are critical to future-proofing your business.

Based on my conversations, we saw some patterns emerged. I thought I should share these insights to help MSPs figure out what they could bake into their plans for 2022. Depending on the type of MSP, the mix will be different, but it’s likely that there will be a very clear overlap with the chart below.

Always remember that if you can build some type of intellectual property around any mix of technologies, then you win a lot bigger!

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