The push to go digital has left several companies wondering what to do with their paper-based data.

As workplaces evolve Fujitsu has recognized this new trend and is trying to address the new market dynamic.

Marc Wilkens, the Director of Sales in the Imaging unit for Fujitsu Canada, Inc., told EChannelNews that people maybe thinking incorrectly when it comes to going completely digital. It doesn’t mean going paperless, according to Wilkens.

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He acknowledges that some offices in Canada have gone paperless, but the majority have not.

“There are paper receipts, contracts that require signatures and other types of documents that require signatures. Document imaging should be a part of your (digital) business strategy,” he said.

For example, important paper-based documents can be lost or damaged because of theft, water or fire. Wilkens advises businesses scan documents and make them available in searchable PDF form. “This will enable people to share data and find data faster. We spend a lot of time these days looking for data and any time you can save is a win for building your business,” he added.

Fujitsu has created two lines for business scanning:

The ScanSnap is a one-touch to PDF device. Wilkens said these products are made simple for the average entrepreneur or small business person who does not have the time to play around with scan drivers or third-party software.

The FI Series consists of 15 products and are positioned in the market as workgroup devices; on the high end the FI can scan 100,000 pages a day. These machines are integrated with third-party image capturing software along with Fujitsu’s own PaperStream IP software. PaperStream is an image correction software for TWAIN and ISIS applications.

For channel partners, Wilkens said the company has made its program as simple as possible. All a reseller must do is register a business opportunity and from there they will get a discount on the deal. The deal will be approved in hours, while also being protected.

“There are so many complicated programs in the market that resellers can’t remember them all. So, we made ours simple and it helps resellers make money,” Wilkens said.

Fujitsu Canada also supports resellers by giving them sales support that will work alongside the channel partner to close the deal, provide demos or assign an engineer to set up the software and create profiles for optimal image results that fit into a customer’s workflow.