ViewSonic Corp., announced it has launched an exclusive new financing program in partnership with TD SYNNEX Capital. This new program makes it easier for AV and IT resellers to close deals quickly on the large format foldable DVLED (model LDS135-151). The ViewSonic ‘Pays Your Way’ program is now available in Canada providing zero-cost financing for 12 months through TD SYNNEX Capital on the first-to-market 135″ foldable and moveable Direct View LED display.

ViewSonic ‘Pays Your Way’ was designed to support our AV and IT reseller partners in closing opportunities that may have previously been out of reach,” says Deidre Deacon, General Manager and Channel Chief, ViewSonic Canada. “It reduces risk, accelerates cash flow and frees up capital for other investments, making our Direct View LED display technology an easy decision. With no up-front costs, the program also supports resellers who want to create new revenue streams around Direct View LED, such as flexible customer rental programs and bundles that include other services, maintenance and support.”

With cloud-enabled enterprises, advanced digital transformation and the shift to an era of anywhere operations, resellers in AV and IT channels are seizing opportunities to deliver on the growing demand for display solutions that connect people, optimize experiences and drive productivity in enterprise, consumer and commercial markets. The worldwide Direct View LED Display Market is forecasted to expand at 15.8% CAGR for the next ten years. Global sales of direct view LED displays are likely to total US$ 56.0 billion by 2033*.

Now shipping in Canada, ViewSonic’s Direct View LED displays offer larger-than-life images and all-in-one integration for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. With options including wall-mounted and a mobile solution, Direct View LED displays seamlessly blend into environments like lobbies, public spaces, auditoriums, and conference rooms. The foldable 135” Direct View LED display is a pre-assembled foldable screen on a movable stand enabling effortless transportation, making it an ideal choice for hospitality and event/rental businesses without the cost or restrictions of a permanent video wall installation.

With ViewSonic ‘Pays Your Way’ resellers can close deals on the LDS135-151 without restrictions on capacity or terms related to their TD SYNNEX accounts. Customers can keep their credit lines open, eliminating DSO (Days Sales Out) and time to recover acquisition costs. 

“The combination of ViewSonic’s Direct View LED technology coupled with TD SYNNEX’s financial offerings presents a unique solution to some of the challenges facing the market today,” says Matt Dukowski, Director Vendor Management, TD SYNNEX. “We are seeing increased demand for creative programs that incorporate both technology and financial services as a driver of growth in the industry.”

“Direct View LED Displays are an innovative and growing category within our expansive lineup of display solutions,” says Deacon. “Although we created the ‘Pays Your Way’ financing program specifically to support resellers in closing opportunities on this innovative technology, we are looking to expand it to include other large format display solutions in coming months. This program seamlessly builds upon our existing channel offerings as well, including first time buyer offers, training, world class warranty, support, software, and service integration, making it even easier for our channel partners to flourish and drive growth.”

Seneca Polytechnic Chooses ViewSonic Direct View LED

“Seneca Polytechnic chose the ViewSonic 135” Direct View LED based on the added functionalities it brings to our employee lounge/meeting room,” says Alvin Shum, Head Enterprise IT Client Services, Seneca Polytechnic. “It addresses challenges we had with viewing angles from the existing 86-inch TV display we previously had setup in the space – it was also not the right size for the room, glare due to the sunlight. The ViewSonic Direct View LED display has improved the viewing angles, cut down on glare, and provided the ability to easily move the display to support other events when not in use. Our decision has greatly improved the viewing experience for those attending meetings in the space and has made our Events and Marketing / Communications team very happy with its mobility and the ability to use it outside of the space for other events.”

To find out more about ViewSonic’s new Direct View LED technology, click here. To learn more about the ViewSonic ‘Pays Your Way’ financing program through TD SYNNEX call 800-268-1220. To find out more about ViewSonic, visit and follow on Facebook, YouTubeX and Instagram.