Gregori Martinez

The partnership between Unicon and LG Electronics is of great significance, seamlessly bridging LG’s hardware expertise with the advanced software solutions of Unicon. This union opens new possibilities for cloud-enabled digital workspaces, offering enhanced flexibility and performance.

The integration of LG hardware with Unicon’s eLux OS and the Scout management platform provides a secure, robust, and flexible end-user computing experience, particularly beneficial in environments requiring reliable multi-protocol connectivity to VDI and cloud workspaces.

The joint solutions from Unicon and LG are particularly advantageous in industries such as finance, insurance, retail, and the public sector. These sectors benefit from powerful software solutions for central IT architecture, enabling efficient and secure global operations.

The collaboration between these IT pioneers encompasses worldwide deployment and support of integrated solutions. A key project under the eLux Ready partnership is the imminent availability of eLux OS pre-installed on many of LG’s All-in-One Thin Clients next year. This integration aims to deliver digital workspaces from any cloud and on any device.

Jörg Schmidt, EU Cloud Business Leader at LG Electronics, expresses his enthusiasm for this collaboration: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Unicon in expanding our eLux Ready partnership. This synergy between LG’s hardware expertise and Unicon’s software innovation will undoubtedly elevate the digital workspace experience for our users.”

Gregori Martinez, Partner Manager at Unicon, also shares his perspective on the collaboration: “Unicon is excited to welcome LG Electronics to the eLux Ready Program. This collaboration reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for digital workspaces. We look forward to the positive impact this partnership will have on our users and the industry as a whole.”

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