TPxa announced an unlimited 5G data offering for its business customers.

TPx’s 5G Business Internet Access offers speeds up to 100 Mbps and unlimited data bundled with its MSx Wan, Network and Firewall services, allowing companies to future-proof their hardware by adding a 5G business quality modem that enables superior connections. With the TPx offering, customers can replace or supplement unreliable broadband connections and upgrade aging configurations while delivering data quickly and securely over a cellular network.

With unlimited data and increased speeds up to 100 Mbps, TPx’s 5G offering provides primary access to branch office locations. 5G benefits also include quicker installs, lower maintenance costs, increased network reliability and the ability for customers to quickly scale to multiple locations.

“Modern businesses are built on connectivity, and any loss of a connection is potentially devastating to operations,” said Jared Martin, CPO, TPx. “Businesses often encounter service providers that charge for overages once their data consumption passes a specific limit. Businesses today can’t afford to be throttled after a specific limit and don’t want to incur unnecessary charges.”

Recommended for offices with up to 15 employees, TPx’s 5G offering can be used as a primary internet connection or secondary access point, providing lower costs and predictable monthly operating expenses. It can also be set up as a failover option that ensures business reliability.

To deliver 5G, TPx uses a cradle point W1850 device, which is service provider agnostic. With the easily installed offering, companies can combine 5G with SD-WAN to optimize their network for secure business applications like voice and video.

Source: TPx