Out of nearly 2,000 nominees worldwide, The ITeam was named one of Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies at the 50 Best Managed IT Companies Awards Gala in Toronto, Ontario, on February 7, 2019. Based on performance in 12 categories that include Business Vision & Strategy, Operations Processes, Financial

Management, Leadership & Management, Sales & Marketing Processes, and Customer Satisfaction, winners were selected based on a rigorous review of the best practices that are used to run their businesses.

“It’s a testament to the hard work of our entire team to be selected for this award,” says James Wagner, CEO of The ITeam. “We are committed to providing our customers the very best IT services. Delivering exceptional client experiences with the highest integrity is our highest priority and reflected throughout all of our processes.”

Best 50 Managed IT Companies Award (USA, Canada and UK) recognizes VARs, MSPs and ITSPs who get the highest scores for best business practices in 12 categories. Award winners are amongst the best-of-the-best in the IT Channel in their country when it comes to running their businesses. They have the best business leaders in the IT industry, are poised to have sustainable success in the future, offer superior customer service, and attract and retain the top talent in the IT industry.