On December 13th 2018 in London, it was an honor to crown some of Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies. Congratulations to all the winners who took home the award and also to those who were not able to attend the ceremony!

Learn what this is about at bestmanageditcompanies.co.uk.

Over the last 11 months, Channel partners from all across the UK took the best business practice test to measure their strengths and weaknesses. Some discovered areas that they have neglected and some made improvements over the past year. Others used the assessment to verify that they were on the right track. Whatever the reasons were, it only matters that everyone got something of value from the experience. We are doing this as part of our global mission to help the IT channel to become bigger, better, stronger and smarter. A stronger channel is good thing for the tech industry.

Answers to the 200 questions in 14 areas determined the applicant’s score. Fifty companies with the highest scores earned one of these prestigious awards.

Softcat plc
Basic Business Systems
First Solution

Part of the scoring was actually done by an algorithm that has been developed and fine-tuned over the past four years using the benchmark data of many assessments that were completed by VARs, MSPs and ITSPs. As the system continues to learn, the scoring may be able to predict the partner’s potential for future success.

Charles Square

Sales volume has very little to do with the assessment, as companies that are well-managed usually generate significant revenue and profits. Others who struggle with profitability could solve the problem by simply re-examining their business practices.

As channel partners answer more of the 200 questions, their scoring accuracy will increase. We also do an external deep review of the applicant’s public digital assets and social media footprint to add the last layer of scoring.

First Stop IT
Team Metalogic
Khaos Control

At this time, we do not rank channel partners who take the assessment beyond being in the top 50. The #1 purpose is to support channel partners in measuring their best business practices or at least help them to ask the right questions.

Marshall Info-Tech

Most channel partners who are in business today are already operating on some level of best business practice. The most common are technical skills, relationship management with select customers and support. If these partners were to simply improve some of their other business practices, it is not difficult for them to dramatically improve revenue, profitability, sustainability and predictability.

Mirus IT
Think Cloud
SCA Group
Neos IT

The end-game is to help channel partners to at least realize in which areas they need improvement and to encourage them to fix their weaknesses (Joining a peer group is a great way to improve). The assessment report indicators helps the channel partner to identify every area that needs improving. Coaches are also available to discuss the results of the assessment in detail and to provide advice.


This assessment is an important first step in the journey of improving best business practices. Spending a few hours each year with your team to review and measure progress is very important.

No Problem Managed IT
Ratcliff IT
Westtek Solutions
Technology Associates
Air IT

When you win one of these awards, it sends a very strong and positive message to everyone you know and do business with!

  1. It tells your customers that you have the best skills and credibility for helping them leverage the right technology to improve their businesses processes.
  2. Employees are proud to work in a place operating on best practices. It also makes it much easier to attract, recruit and keep top talent.
  3. Financial institutions always prefer to invest more in companies that operate on best business practices.
  4. The PR and marketing value in your local community and social networks can be as big as you want it to me.
  5. Even family and friends will be proud of your achievement!

The most successful IT companies are always streamlining operations, processes and practices to increase their productivity and save time. The net result is nearly always an increase in profits that are also more sustainable and predictable.

Best Practices a good thing and it’s FREE to measure! Keep Calm And Carry On Best Business Practicing!

Congratulations to all of the 50 Best Managed IT Companies Award Winners of 2018! See you next year!