TetraVX, a unified communications and collaboration (UCC) company that specializes in the delivery of cloud-based solutions, announced the integration of messaging and meeting collaboration functionality to the TetraVX nVX solution. With these new features, nVX customers will now have access to robust messaging, collaboration and multi-party video conferencing tools all through their web-based nVX application and mobile nVX application. 
Video conferencing has become a key component of how businesses function, education institutions teach, and family and friends stay connected. Therefore, today’s users require a comprehensive messaging and video conferencing platform that allows them to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities and easily navigate potential disruptions during a pandemic.
nVX now offers a cloud-based unified communications solution that provides the flexibility and mobility for businesses to operate anywhere any time. The nVX Meetings feature will enable users to video conference, chat colleagues and customers, share files, access whiteboards, view calendars, schedule meetings and much more. With the new Messaging feature, end users will be able to enjoy multi-party collaboration, edit messages, create documents and folders, as well as perform numerous task management responsibilities.
With TetraVX’s enhanced nVX solution, businesses can go beyond the typical peer-to-peer collaboration tools currently on the market. nVX stands as an all-in-one application for peer-to-peer and peer-to-customer collaboration; centralizing customer and employee communications into a cohesive, easy-to-use platform. Easy to implement and simple to manage, nVX is a cost-effective solution for delivering a better collaboration experience. 
nVX users will be able to continuously engage their coworkers and their clients using market-leading communication channels while ensuring business continuity. TetraVX partners can also provide their customers the updated nVX solution through both a wholesale and referral model. 
To learn more about TetraVX, visit https://www.tetravx.com/