Innovative, Ergonomically Designed Presentation Tool Works with a Variety of Environments and Screens Enabling Users to Point Anywhere and Present Everywhere, Without Limitations or Restrictions

Kensington, a worldwide leader of desktop computing and mobility solutions for IT, business and home office professionals and The Professionals’ Choice, introduced today the Kensington Ultimate Presenter with Virtual Pointer. The Ultimate Presenter is an innovative, ergonomically designed presentation tool that works for a variety of environments and screens.

The Kensington Ultimate Presenter allows users to point anywhere and present everywhere, without limitations or restrictions. Key features include:


  • Virtual Pointer Technology allows pointer to be viewed on a variety of presentation screens including traditional projection screens, TV displays, bright LED screens, and smart boards, making it the ideal pointer for every presentation scenario, including conference rooms, online meetings, and large auditoriums
  • Online Meeting Compatibility allows remote participants to see the pointer onscreen when using web meeting tools like WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, and JoinMe
  • KensingtonWorks  App offering customization of pointer size, shape and speed to suit a user’s presentation environment, and additional options, such as re-configuring the blackout button for use instead as a start and stop button for your slide presentation.
  • Ergonomist Approved Design thatmaximizes comfort with a contoured shape that minimizes wrist twist and an intuitive 4-button presentation clicker
  • 2.4GHz Receiver with Memory which provides up to 20 meters (65ft) of wireless range and a microSD slot that hold upto 32GB of memory
  • Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac, Mac Keynote, Adobe PDF and Google Slide
  • Storage Pouch for conveniently stowing and protecting the presenter when traveling

“Kensington’s experience with wireless presenter and ergonomic products provided the foundation for developing the Ultimate Presenter and giving users the greatest flexibility for when and where they can present,” said Anita Chang, Global Product Manager. “The Ultimate Presenter software and ergonomic design helps increase productivity and deliver a comfort level that enhances the user presenting experience.”