As you know, our upcoming virtual channel event on May 27th will be dedicated to understanding best WFH practices, hearing from MSPs and exploring vendors with leading edge WFH technologies.  See some of them below…..

Tara Landes will be speaking about leadership in real practical terms. Attendees get to do a fun assessment in real-time to measure their leadership level.

No doubt any WFH playbook will include a VoIP component. Picking the right one for both MSP and end-user is obviously mission critical.

Randal Wark from the Channel Partner Alliance is going to be talking about the smart shift from being a traditional consultant in IT to helping your customers to think differently in the new business reality. He has some cool examples on how he is helping his MSP clients to actually thrive through this crisis.

Jay McBain will be talking about the next phase in the reopening of business and how MSPs should be communicating and focusing moving forward.

from will be talking about paperless touch-free business and the document management solutions that are ready to go!

Corry Robertson will be presenting an amazing way and app to help you to better understand your personalty as well as your customers’ so you can better communicate and close more deals!

How are you currently dealing with your employees? How are your customers dealing with their employees? It’s one of the biggest pain points that most business leaders are having to deal with during this crisis, and, back-to-workplace is just getting started. Avoid costly mistakes!

If you are off your digital game, it can result in business downfall. Anything you do to improve your digital game now will benefit you every day moving forward!

Many more reasons for you to join us. Register here.