The pandemic shift has created major challenges for the mobile workforce, this ranges from your cable installation technician to your home healthcare worker.

Whether it’s working longer hours, balancing childcare and work, or adapting to new safety measures, the newly released 2020 State of Work Report from Skedulo shows that companies have turned to technology to help solve some of those challenges. 

Nearly 3/4 of employers have implemented new technology to help with their job role during the pandemic (see breakdown of tech in the screenshot below). As a result, 80% deskless workers feel they have the tools necessary to complete their jobs and 30% feel optimistic about the future thanks to these technology investments. 

Matt Fairhurst, Skedulo’s CEO and cofounder says of these findings “While many office-jobs have regular access to these tools, the report showed there’s still tremendous opportunity for software companies to provide tools for the deskless workforce — a typically underserved area of the global workforce.”