Infinidat, a provider of enterprise-class storage solutions, announced a new version of InfiniGuard. Significant new enhancements to expand cyber resilience with InfiniSafe technology and double system performance for modern data protection, backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity. The comprehensive cyber resilience capabilities of InfiniSafe technology improve the ability of an enterprise to combat and protect against ever-increasing cyberattacks and data breaches by uniquely combining immutable snapshots, logical air gapping, fenced/isolated networks, and virtually instantaneous data recovery into a single, high-performance platform.

Infinidat has expanded the InfiniGuard platform to include logical local and remote air gapping and fenced/isolated networks uniquely in the same platform. Logical air gapping creates a gap between the source storage and the immutable snapshots, while remote air gapping sends data to a remote InfiniGuard system. The fenced/isolated network provides a safe location to provide forensic analysis of backup datasets to identify a copy of the data that is free from malware or ransomware and can be safely restored. Once a backup dataset without malware or ransomware has been identified, the data can be recovered, regardless of the size of the dataset, in minutes and made fully available to the backup software for restoration.

As part of the new enhancements on the InfiniGuard platform, Infinidat has also increased the system performance from previously announced 74 terabytes per hour to up to 180 terabytes per hour. Not only can backup windows be reduced by as much as 50%, reducing the impact of the backup process on applications, primary storage, and primary servers, but this performance increase can also reduce the time it takes for remote replication. By leveraging the common architecture of InfiniBox to optimize performance and target-side storage processing, InfiniGuard offers unmatched speed and reliability in data backup and maximizes effective capacity for petabyte-scale environments.

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