Schneider Electric announced the expansion of its Advanced Solutions Partner (ASP) program. The expanded program gives partners access to Schneider Electric’s full suite of EcoStruxure software and hardware solutions in order to meet customers’ evolving data center, edge computing, microgrid and industrial application needs.

Businesses across sectors are reimagining their data centers to better reflect the evolving needs of customers. Additionally, as organizations and consumers alike place a greater focus on environmental sustainability, ASPs will be increasingly looked upon to provide the latest in energy efficient data center solutions. In order to best help customers navigate these shifts, ASPs will need access to best in class software and hardware solutions.

The expansion of the Schneider Electric ASP program addresses this by providing access to the full portfolio of UPS and data center solutions – including LV/MV switchgear, racks, cooling, power distribution units, infrastructure management solutions, electrical and mechanical systems, as well as the company’s leading suite of analytic and service offerings. Partners will be able to increase value-added services, reduce costs and increase speed of deployment, ultimately delivering a better experience for their customers. The Schneider Electric ASP program will also provide ASPs with a broader set of market leading technology solutions and digital tools to open new channels of revenue for their business.

“Over the last 10 years we’ve seen great success with our ASP Program and this expansion was a natural next step. Businesses are increasingly looking for partners who can support their entire data center infrastructure, and we’re helping our partners meet this challenge,” said Jay Owen, Senior Vice President, Secure Power Division, North America at Schneider Electric. “With this move, we are evolving our program to meet the changing needs of our Partners, offering them access to our full Schneider Electric product portfolio and enabling them to have a different type of conversation with their customers beyond just a UPS and power distribution, that is inclusive of all components across the entire electrical path. This kind of conversation is what will ultimately be a game changer for their business.”

Customers’ evolving data needs have changed what they expect from their partners. To enable customers to stay ahead of the technology curve will be critical to any ASP’s success. Schneider Electric’s ASP program offers partner the convenience and efficiency of a one-stop-shop for all their technology needs and an industry-leading provider that is uniquely positioned to deliver the full spectrum of end-to-end support across the data center.

Helping Partners Future-Proof Their Business

Through the ASP Program, Schneider Electric works with the ASPs who have proven experience in the construction community helping engineers, contractor, and facilities personnel design and implement complex data center and industrial solutions. As the rise of digitization and software-enabled solutions are evolving the design and operation of data centers and IT environments, ASPs are continuously looking for ways to evolve their offerings and services to better meet the needs of their customers and the market now and in the future.

As Schneider Electric’s solutions are designed with software and sustainability in mind, ASPs are able to pass along those benefits to their customers through better predictably and capabilities, reduced costs, and speed of deployment. ASPs also benefit from the following:

  • Access to sell in the full electrical path from gray space to white space
  • Greater price controls, allowing for more pricing consistency in respective markets
  • Improved coverage and collaboration between factory, electrical and IT channel teams that lead to more growth opportunities
  • Increased collaboration amongst channel partners throughout the entire Schneider Electric solution selling process

Another key differentiator of the expanded program is access to Schneider Electric’s software and digital services, which enables ASPs to extend their value proposition by offering a wider breadth of solutions to be more competitive in the marketplace. ASPs can now utilize Schneider Electric’s comprehensive software and digital suite which is pre-engineered to work collectively with its critical power solutions and electrical and mechanical systems, making it easier to offer customers an all-in-one solution to meet their needs versus working to overlay a piecemeal third-party software solution.

“The continued evolution of the program is a key step in transforming the channel by removing the barriers that currently exist between the electrical distribution and IT channels to foster stronger ties and more opportunity for collaboration,” added Owen. “Everywhere non-IT applications are requiring greater levels of resiliency and availability, aligning ASPs more closely with the electrical distribution channels and equipping them with new offers will help us better serve industrial markets and create new revenue streams for partners.”