ScarleFlux announced a new partnership with TD SYNNEX, a global IT distributor and solutions aggregator formed through the merger of Tech Data and Synnex. Together, ScaleFlux and TD SYNNEX will work to improve customers’ access to Computational Storage products as they continue to invest in modern infrastructure to cope with massive data growth. By simply deploying a better SSD embedded with additional processing capabilities, customers can benefit from responsive performance and affordable scaling, without the addition of more complexity. Adoption is de-risked and greatly simplified by offering new technology packed into a familiar solution.

This announcement follows the lauch of the ScaleFlux Partner Program, including key partners across the U.S., EMEA, and APAC regions. By building partner relationships to operate at scale, ScaleFlux continues to extend its global footprint and reinforce its mission to turn data growth into a competitive advantage—by deploying SSDs with Computational Storage technology to offload storage processing from the CPU.

“Data growth is a complicated challenge for organizations of all sizes, as rapid growth can compromise their systems’ performance, capacity, and endurance. ScaleFlux provides a solution to harness this data growth no matter how much it accelerates,” said Rob Wilson, vice president of sales at ScaleFlux. “By partnering with an industry-leading distributor like TD SYNNEX, we can expand our reach to help significantly more organizations get more control over data growth. TD SYNNEX aligns seamlessly with our product line, and deeply understands the value of Computational Storage to meet organizations’ modern infrastructure demands.” 

The ScaleFlux partnership with TD SYNNEX establishes a path to market for technology that customers need to adopt as a part of their strategy to cope with data growth. TD SYNNEX helps customers with ScaleFlux in three ways:

  • Simplify Engagement: Established tools and expertise to help customers transact with ScaleFlux
  • Broaden Awareness: Being positioned within a technology ecosystem helps customers find the technologies they need
  • Increase Scale: Access to a large internal selling team helps customers and ScaleFlux do business across a broader market

“TD SYNNEX is committed to uniting IT solutions that deliver business outcomes today and unlock growth for the future,” said Cheryl Neal, vice president of New Vendor Acquisition at TD SYNNEX. “With ScaleFlux added to our vast portfolio of vendor partners, we’re able to enrich the breadth and depth of our offerings so customers can maximize the value of their data processing and infrastructure, through Computational Storage.”