When you attend the ChannelNEXT Central conference on June 6th and 7th the one thing you will NOT get are vendor sales pitches.

The up-coming ChannelNEXT Central show is only a week away to be held at the ultra-luxurious Hilton Fallsview Hotel & Suites in the honeymoon capital of the world: Niagara Falls, Ont.

One of the main things channel partners will be getting from the ChannelNEXT Central conference is educational content to help grow your business.

The theme for this year’s conference is on helping channel partners produce vertically-focused digital marketing strategy to help grow sales leads. According to EChannelNews, managed services providers and solution providers continually rely on “Word-of-Mouth” marketing to drive sales. Some do use a Web site with basic SEO and blogs/social media to improve their digital marketing efforts, but are not seeing any tangible results.

One of the key areas of education that will come out of the conference in Niagara Falls is more intelligence on Account Based Marketing. ChannelNEXT will showcase sessions on this topic to help evolve your Digital Marketing engine.

Shane Gibson

The opening keynote of the conference will be conducted by Shane Gibson, an internationally recognized sales expert who was voted the No. 5 best social media expert in the world by Forbes magazine.

What this video interview of Shane Gibson from the last ChannelNEXT show in Quebec.

Gibson’s address will be on Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Digital Selling. The ChannelNEXT Central show will also have a second keynote address from Saher Ghattas, one of the best digital marketing experts in Canada.

Saher Ghattas

In 2018, ChannelNEXT embarked on a whole new conference format built on gaining intelligence to help partners future-proof their business and establish sustainable recurring revenue. This conference is going to help you become more profitable as the ChannelNEXT series of events will feature 100 per cent business practice education on all sorts of areas that matter most to channel partners as well as the latest technology trends (especially on recurring revenue).

Think of this as a “Partner Building” conference that brings in more peer-to-peer collaboration activities with the highly innovative “Mastermind” program. The new format will feature real knowledge you can take back to your business and implement effectively.

The new Mastermind peer group format ensures those who attend will get the right business contacts and knowledge to dramatically improve business.

What this video highlights of the Mastermind program in action.

Mastermind is a 90-minute session for a group of eight channel partner executives headed by an executive coach. The group will choose one problem to focus on. The coach will guide the group to uncover the depths of the problem and collaborate to come up with the best solutions. When you collaborate with like-minded people, you can solve just about any problem! Delegates are encouraged to stay connected with the group after the event to ensure that they fixed the problem.

To find out what channel partner executives think of the Mastermind program click this link to read the article.

Solution provider executives from the Quebec area at a Mastermind session at the ChannelNEXT East Conference

Vendors showcasing their innovative new products at the ChannelNEXT Central conference are Datto, ITCloud.ca, SherWeb, Kaspersky Lab, Aerohive Networks, Perimeter 81, Server Cloud Canada, ECO, Idiligo, LanIntelligence, PurpleSoft, eMailPlatform, Viewsonic, QNAP, TP-LINK, Callture, SolarWinds MSP and others.

The event has a star-studded line up of speakers hosted by high tech channel journalist Paolo Del Nibletto.

Other keynote speakers at the two-day event are leadership coach Ian Kaiser, Julian Lee on Channel Development, Randal Wark on developing profit-making business practices, and Marie Wiese on digital marketing.

For those who want to explore how they can get a free ticket to attend, you need to get in contact with the ChannelNEXT event staff at www.channelnext.ca.