Lakeside Software, a leader in digital experience management (DEM), released its Digital Workplace Productivity Report 2022, revealing that organizations are struggling to support remote and hybrid employees.

The Report reveals:

●   Employee frustration: with both the technology they interact with every day and the overall IT infrastructure that supports their workplace.

●   Lower output: on average, employees claim they are achieving just 60% of their potential work output because of the suboptimal quality of their overall digital experience.

●   Productivity losses: output is also hindered by regular IT disruption, with employees losing 54 minutes of work time every week due to technical issues.

●   Nascent technology: the role that new technologies, such as digital employee experience (DEX) platforms can play in supporting high-performing, productive teams.

Businesses as a whole, from IT to HR departments face a huge challenge in addressing this productivity gap, as Lakeside’s research shows 40% of workplace technology issues, such as network connectivity, application performance, and system errors, go unreported to IT teams.

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