Most channel partners are selling Office 365 as a commodity with very little differentiation amongst themselves. The new 3-part bundle may be one way that they can create more value for their customers and wrap around more managed services.

There is a security component that will set some basic parameters for the customer’s usage. Once set, this is a value-add forever. On top of this the partner can add a monitoring service that will send notifications (and more) when suspicious activities are detected.

Alex Painchaud said, “Think of the free security layer as the fence around your home. The added security monitoring is like having a 24/7 intrusion detection service for your home”.

The second component is automatic backup of their data that can work in independently or in conjunction with other back-up and disaster recovery solutions. Once it is set, the system automatically backs up the user’s data.

The third component is an educational. Most people use less then 20% of the functionality of the Office 365 application. This tool helps the user to learn about more functionality as their individual pace. A manager can monitor the progress and expanded usage of all employees to know who is levering more usage in increasing productivity from the application.

Out of the gate, Sherweb offers all of these tools without increasing the price of Office 365. As the partners demonstrate the incremental value to their customers, an increase in license fees will kick-in. By then, Sherweb hopes that the partners will be able to sell more managed services to increase their recurring revenue, at the same time.

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