In this episode #21 of MasterChat, Julian Lee, Randal Wark and Neil Jeffery spoke with special guest speaker Len DiCostanzo from MSP ToolKIT about how managed service providers (MSPs) can speed up their operations right now. MSPs can do a few things to help them best navigate the new normal in the face of a digital-first market and all of the current economic concerns. Some of them they may be familiar with, but have yet to put into practice. Sometimes all it takes to improve your MSP practice is a single piece of advice. Len knows exactly what to do to help any MSP increase their managed service offerings. He was an MSP. He was involved with PSAs long before they became popular. The MSP business model and the tools it uses to scale have matured under his watch. He has extensive experience and insight to offer in the field of cybersecurity managed services. Pay attention to this hour-long session and take notes. Here is Len’s LinkedIn profile in case you want to get in touch with him: