Hiring and keeping great personnel is one of the most difficult tasks that MSPs and businesses face. Whatever occurred to get us to this position is what it is. It is now all about coping with the present scenario. We spoke with a subject matter expert (Steve Klein of Extension Marketing) to learn how organisations can find, hire, and retain talented employees.

Imagine your employees like a bucket with a hole in it that is leaking water as you attempt to fill it. To prevent your staff from leaving, you must first plug the hole by developing a robust retention programme. Then you must step up your game in order to recruit and retain new talent.

Making errors here might be quite expensive. According to studies, a bad employee may cost $15,000, but you can perform your own research. It is obvious that there is a huge financial and time expense.

When your employees leave, it may indicate that something is wrong with your organisation. We discuss some of the factors to consider.

You must constantly be recruiting using technologies appropriate for today’s digital-first industry. We provided examples of what others are doing.

Recruiting is difficult, and it makes sense to employ an expert. The costs are expensive, but the agony, irritation, and expense of blunders might surpass the fees. However, keep in mind that many recruiters are just terrible. Before you invest, do your homework and get some assurances. You may take a risk and just post an ad on sites like LinkedIn, but the returns are often dismal.

Stop. Think. There are sensible methods to acquire new talent, but remember that if you can’t keep them, it’s a waste of effort.

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