Most MSPs raise their eyebrows at the prospect of providing ERP solutions to their customers. This is perhaps the most undervalued value-add that any MSP can provide to its customers. If you are a client’s ERP supplier, you are literally the most engaged of all partners to that customer and that means you become very “sticky”.  Why? It is unusual for a corporation to replace its ERP system. ERP is also at the heart of all digital business transformation initiatives. An ERP, it may be argued, is required to digitally transform a company. Accounting is NOT Enterprise Resource Planning. It is all about how workers, customers, and suppliers engage with a firm. Another fallacy is that you must be an ERP professional to provide ERP. Today. ERP suppliers collaborate on referrals and split income, so you literally have to know or do nothing. However, the more you improve your talents, the more money you will earn. Another misunderstanding is that ERP is prohibitively costly and only available to large corporations. Companies with a few workers, on the other hand, may benefit from ERP, and it is less expensive than you would imagine. Migrating from an entry-level solution, such as Quickbooks, is a solid starting point. See why ERP makes sense for MSPs and end-users in this 60-minute MasterChat with Katie Griffin of Spire Systems.

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