Most everyone knows Cisco and what they do, but did you know that they are the 3rd largest cybersecurity company on the planet? Only half of managed service providers (MSPs) have cyber insurance, and fewer still have a formalized strategy for responding to cyberattacks. With one cyber attack every 39 seconds and one ransomware attack every 14 seconds, we talk to Cisco’s Provider Elevate, Leader for the Global Partner Organization, Michelle Ragusa-McBain and Partner Account Manager, Managed Services, Fenil Kacharia about what they’re doing to help counteract the threats. Cybercriminals are ruthless, resourceful, and cunning in their attacks. They will not stop exploring potential entry points for attacks. The key to survival is staying alert to protect yourself, detect threats, mount a defense, and, if all else fails, recover. At the upcoming IOTSSA Cybersecurity Channel Conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on October 26-27, Cisco will present their cybersecurity playbook to support all things in digital transformation. Get to know the Cisco crew up close and personal. Click here – – for details and to sign up. Thanks to the sponsors, this event is free to all channel partners! Book your hotel room ASAP before the special rate runs out – check the registration for details.