Why do any Market Research at all? Well, you don’t have to and just go with your gut feeling. That can work so long as your gut syncs with the buyers. But, what if what you think is not what the buyers think? Countless reports and analytics have been done on this topic and the bottom line is simply that it does not matter what you think or want. It’s about what your buyers think, want and need. The problem with market research is that it seems so complicated and mysterious that people just think it is beyond their reach. 

There are 2 types of research – Macro stuff like size of market, regions, trends etc. Then Micro stuff like what do your customers do, think, want or need etc. Most channel partners can easily get the Macro stuff from their vendors as they get that directly from the popular research firms. However when it comes to the channel partner’s customer base, there is little to no information.

This is the gap that the MSPs need to fill. Today, it is not so difficult for MSPs to do proper market research with their customers and target audiences. There is a defined process, support and affordable tools for that.

In this MasterChat we explored the topic and offered some next steps to start the journey. Some may ignore this, but for those who don’t and take action, they will see growth and success beyond what they thought possible. This is not a nice to do. It’s a must do – especially in the speed of today’s digital-first market.

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