Why peer-groups matter to MSPs? You can ask anyone who is a member of a peer-group and they will probably tell you it ie one of the most important things they do to drive their success. Leaning on your peers to help solve your problems is very smart. With the right peers, you can actually solve just about any problem. 

However, it is NOT to be confused with having out with a peer group. It is a specific process and framework called Mastermind Peer-Group. You can check out what that looks like in the Masterchat to help you better understand if this is right for you. Not everyone is a good fit to a peer-group. It takes effort and commitment. It is not easy either but it is fun.

There is a way to get a free taste of a live Mastermind peer-group by becoming a member of the Channel Partner Alliance but if you are ready to make the plunge, then we can hook you up with a peer-group with a minimum of one year commitment. You typically meet once per month but can be as often as you like and can be in-person or virtual 

Remember, if you want to find a smart place to build your business 365 days a year, the join the Channel Partner Alliance www.channelpartneralliance.com