LANtelligence (Unified Communications Solutions Provider with over 17 years of experience providing ShoreTel, PureCloud, VeloCloud and 8×8 solutions) Launched a new Channel Program. The new addition will be operated under a different format identified as a Master Solution Provider which combines the partnerships and buying power of Master Agents and the technical expertise and support of an established Solutions Provider.

Of the company’s new Channel Program, LANtelligence CEO Martin Tracey said, “The Channel evolution driven by the Cloud technology advancement has boosted the UCaaS and CCaaS sales volume, accompanied by larger and more complex installations. This has left a gap for solutions delivery in the channel for UCaaS and CCaaS sales. This large gap in the ability to deliver on the design, sale, deployment, integrations and support of these solutions has created a requirement for a new category of provider – the Master Solutions Provider. Since the early days of this evolution, we, being a Solution Provider, have advocated for the importance of deployment and support capabilities for the Cloud Solutions in the Channel. And today, we see a growing need of such capabilities and expertise to support Partners in the Channel.”

LANtelligence has expanded its business by growing a channel of individual Sales Agents and Managed Service Providers interested in upstreaming their sales of Cloud Communications Solutions. This new format of partnerships offers not only the solution sale but all aspects of a successful deployment and support. This includes: Sales Engineering, Project Management, Network Design and Deployment, Solution Programming, Integration and Custom Software Development, Field Technical Resources, Training and 24X7X365 ongoing support – all provided by a Master Solution Provider and not being outsourced. The program offers a level of MRR for partners competitive with other existing channel options for UCaaS and CCaaS solutions.

Tracey adds, “We see a fantastic opportunity for our Agent and MSP partners in the Contact Center as a Service mid-market sector. This is as a space were LANtelligence is focusing its extensive Contact Center experience and expertise for this new Channel. This market offers less competition and bigger payouts for our Channel Partners.”