Kaspersky announced that the next generation of Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security now safeguards software development operations (DevOps) environments. The product has been enhanced to enable protection for containers, add containers, image and repository scanning capabilities for integration with continuous integration and delivery pipelines (CI/CD). Additionally, to support business use of a wide range of public cloud platforms, Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security now includes integration with Google Cloud.

Supply-chain attacks that affect software development, such as when a malicious piece of code is added to legitimate software, are effective tools for cybercriminals. Protection from such supply-chain attacks is essential for software developers, though it can be difficult to find an effective security tool because validating the integrity of fast-changing development environments in a moment’s notice is often technically challenging. A cybersecurity solution should also not affect an application’s time to market or the overall flexible approach to IT that DevOps is accustomed to, such as being able to scale cloud workloads up and down or use different open source tools.

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security reconciles the two worlds of DevOps and IT security. It helps businesses integrate security tools into the development process to minimize the risk of container compromise and supply-chain attacks without impacting development speeds.

More information about Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security and DevOps protection can be found here.

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