For the last decade, Kaspersky has developed its business to provide value-added services to operators (xSP) by working with partners around the world including major global and regional operators. Over the past six years, Kaspersky’s xSP business has grown by 3000%, equating to roughly 10% of the company’s global B2C sales.

Today, the online world is not an option, but rather an integral part of our lives. With more services available online, providers are becoming increasingly interested in subscription-based models for providing security. This has led to operators and providers not only selling their products, but also taking on the role of protecting customers, creating trust while enhancing security measures.

Kaspersky Value Added Services for xSP is an integral part of a company’s business as it includes partnerships with organizations that deliver almost any type of online services to customers including mobile operators, banks, insurance companies, financial services providers, the gaming community, etc. Kaspersky works with more than 450 different partners around the world to deliver B2C and B2B products on a subscription basis to the operators’ customers, helping to boost revenue by meeting users’ demands for greater cybersecurity needs.

Having launched this business segment 10 years ago, Kaspersky continues to transform its products and technologies into value proposition for each particular project, pioneering new approaches for value-add. In addition to Kaspersky’s tried and true products for protecting PCs and mobile devices, partners have expressed interest in the company’s Kaspersky Safe Kids solution that protects children while they are online. Currently, the xSP channel is one of the major contributors to the overall success of this product.

xSP is just one of the services Kaspersky offers for partners from its expansive portfolio of product offerings. To meet partners’ demands, Kaspersky is actively expanding its product line for Managed Service Provider (MSPs), reflected in 57% year-on-year growth in this segment in 2019. This model ensures that end customers do not just receive a product from one of our partners, but a readily available IT service. This is just one of the key trends in the IT market, and the MSP model is the most popular in developed markets including Japan and countries of Western Europe and North America. The company helps partners increase and improve their cybersecurity services by offering key solutions, such as Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response and Kaspersky Sandbox, as well as Kaspersky’s enterprise product line. This year, the company is rolling out its Kaspersky License Management Portal that provides MSPs and resellers with a single platform to order and manage all of their Kaspersky subscriptions in one place.