Infinidat recently announced the industry’s first cyber storage guarantee for recovery on primary storage, giving channel partners a compelling new value proposition and competitive advantage to drive new business in the enterprise market and for cloud service providers (CSP), cloud hosting providers (CHPs), managed service provides (MSPs), managed hosting providers (MHPs) and a variety of hyperscalers. 

The new InfiniSafe Cyber Storage guarantee aims to ensure that enterprises and service providers recover and restore their data at near-instantaneous speed in the wake of a cyberattack by using a guaranteed immutable snapshot dataset with a guaranteed recovery time of one minute or less. 

This cyber storage guarantee is part of the expansion of the company’s guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) program. Infinidat also made available a new performance guarantee across its InfiniBox® platforms, joining its existing 100% availability guarantee.  

“In today’s market, enterprise customers understand the critical role their storage environments play in keeping their corporate data always available, performant, and safe,” said Ted Wiessing, COO, OneNeck IT Solutions. 

“We have used Infinidat at a number of our enterprise accounts and the experience for our customers and for OneNeck has been excellent. With these new SLA guarantees, Infinidat is showing the industry that its award-winning platforms deliver the solutions our enterprise clients need and that Infinidat stands solidly behind their offerings with strong SLA guarantees. 

“Not only do our customers benefit from these guarantees, but, from a channel partner perspective, it gives us another strong message we can deliver to our installed base and prospects,” added Wiessing. 

Another channel partner, Kirk Sanella, Area Vice President of Sales West, Technologent, noted, “Today’s enterprise customers are looking for the best in their solution sets, especially in storage – where all their corporate data is stored. Not only does Infinidat deliver industry acclaimed solutions that solve the critical storage needs of our enterprise accounts, but their guaranteed SLA program shows our customers that Infinidat stands behind their rock-solid solutions.”

Sanella went on to say, “As a large solutions provider, it also offers us a very valuable sales tool with our customers and prospects.”

Avoid Paying the Ransom

IDC found that 87% of organizations impacted by ransomware in the past year had to pay a ransom to recover their data. Infinidat helps organizations avoid having to pay the ransom, yet still retrieve their data, uncompromised and intact, through rapid cyber recovery.

Eric Burgener, Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems Group, IDC, said, “Over the last decade, IT infrastructure vendors have been adding guarantees on their storage platforms that have definitively improved the ownership experience for enterprise storage, but they have always stayed away from the topics of performance and recovery time.”

Burgener recognizes the implication. “With their new performance and cyber storage recovery guarantees, Infinidat is breaking new ground in these areas in ways that drive meaningful value for their enterprise customers.”

Phil Bullinger, CEO, Infinidat, put it all in perspective. “With the introduction of our InfiniSafe Cyber Storage guarantee, our assured SLAs now span across availability, performance and recovery operations to meet the most demanding data center requirements, demonstrating that our customers are always at the center of what we do as a market leader.”

Infinidat recently extended cyber resilience to its InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA II enterprise storage platforms with the InfiniSafe Reference Architecture, allowing Infinidat to provide its immutability snapshot guarantee and the recovery time of immutable snapshots at one minute or less. InfiniSafe was announced on the InfiniGuard modern data protection and purpose-built backup platform in February.

From the earliest InfiniBox installations, Infinidat has earned a strong reputation for product quality and reliability from an enterprise community that has zero tolerance for downtime. Every system is designed for zero downtime over the course of its lifecycle and comes with a 100% availability guarantee. 

“Just as Infinidat delivered on its 100% availability guarantee, we know Infinidat will do the same with its cyber recovery and performance guarantees. It sets a new benchmark,” said Cole Thompson, President & CEO of Virtual Data Corp. (VDC).

He also commented on the benefit that VDC gained. “With Infinidat’s new InfiniSafe cyber storage guarantee, we do not have to be worried about whether we will be able to recover from a malware or ransomware attack. We know Infinidat’s immutable snapshot technology will be there to help us bounce back without compromise.” 

Outperforming Existing Storage Arrays

Infinidat‘s performance guarantee assures customers that Infinidat’s primary storage platforms will outperform their existing storage products in their production environments. 

Infinidat works closely with customers to identify their specific needs for performance and analyze the requirements for each specific workload. Once the workload performance requirements are profiled, Infinidat will provide service level agreements aligned with the specific performance requirements profile and analysis of those workloads.

The newly announced InfiniBox SSA II continues Infinidat’s delivery of the industry’s most performant enterprise storage platforms. The InfiniBox SSA II provides lower latency than any other comparable enterprise storage platform in the industry, delivering an unprecedented 35 microseconds of latency. 

With the high performance of Infinidat’s storage platforms, customers are able to have optimal application and workload performance, as well as substantial storage consolidation driving increased efficiency and reduced total cost. 

All four of the Infinidat SLA guarantees are available across all of Infinidat’s consumption models: FLX (Infinidat’s storage-as-a-service offering), Elastic Pricing, and traditional purchase. 

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