Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, has announced the InfiniBox SSA II, the company’s next generation solid state array in its broad portfolio of storage and cyber resilient solutions. Infinidat is extending its groundbreaking cyber resilient capabilities with InfiniSafe to primary storage with this announcement, as well as significantly improving the performance, AIOps, and efficiency of the company’s first generation of the InfiniBox SSA. The new InfiniBox SSA II is now the fastest all-flash storage array in the industry, with unprecedented low latency.

The following are the four main components of the announcement:

  • With the InfiniSafe Reference Architecture, Infinidat is extending the cyber resilience that has been a hallmark of its InfiniGuard® secondary storage system to its primary storage platforms. InfiniSafe, which combines immutable data snapshots, logical air gapping, a fenced forensic environment, and virtually instantaneous data recovery, has now been extended to the InfiniBox SSA II as well as the entire InfiniBox family. Cyber resilience is one of the most important and highly demanded enterprise requirements today in order to ensure exceptional cybersecurity and combat cyberattacks across the entire storage estate and data infrastructure.
  • The new InfiniBox SSA II has a lower latency than any other comparable enterprise storage platform in the industry, with an unprecedented latency of 35 microseconds. Customers will benefit from not only optimal application and workload performance, but also significant storage consolidation, dramatically transforming storage performance, increasing efficiency, and lowering total cost.
  • Infinidat has improved its core software by optimising for more interconnects and increasing parallelism for more cores. Workload optimization is also provided by new algorithms. Using these updates as a core software component, Infinidat’s Neural Cache is able to consistently provide InfiniBox with high performance and low latency. Furthermore, the InfiniBox, which includes Neural Cache with its industry-leading cache utilisation, adapts to changes such as adding new servers and applications without the need for human intervention. The set-it-and-forget-it approach pioneered by Infinidat reinforces the ease of use and low administrative overhead that users enjoy with the InfiniBox platform.
  • Infinidat is introducing InfiniOps, a world-class operations portfolio that includes AIOps inside the box with InfiniVerse, as well as tight integration with the expanding AIOps data centre ecosystem and DevOps solution expansion. The company is also releasing new CSI 2.1.0 support for Kubernetes, VMware Tanzu, and RedHat OpenShift environments as part of this announcement. Infinidat is also improving Ansible integration to make storage system management and integration easier.

The new system’s combination of InfiniSafe, performance enhancements, and expanded InfiniOps integration capabilities upends the all-flash storage industry’s status quo. The InfiniBox SSA II continues to raise the performance bar by utilising 100% solid state technology for persistent storage, which when combined with Neural Cache and the company’s software advancements with autonomous automation, takes groundbreaking performance to the next level. Furthermore, the new SSA II provides the same industry-acclaimed InfiniBox customer experience of 100 percent availability, white glove service, and lower total cost of ownership.

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