BlueVoyant, a rock-solid cyber defense company, announced the launch of BlueVoyant Elements, an outcomes-based, cloud-native cyber defense platform that brings managed detection and response, third-party cyber risk management, digital risk protection, and expert professional services together. Elements can be deployed as a full-spectrum solution or as individual modules based on the customers’ needs.

Today, BlueVoyant boasts more than 700 customers, 650 employees across five continents, and recently announced a $250 million series raise with a more than unicorn valuation. The company has a proven track record of sustained high growth. Elements is part of BlueVoyant’s rebranding to showcase the company’s focus on delivering cutting-edge technology built by experts, seamlessly integrated into organizations’ operations, and elegantly co-managed by our team of cyber defense practitioners.

“Having spent 15 years in cybersecurity — including the SIEM, third-party cyber risk management, and threat intelligence markets — when I was introduced to Jim and the BlueVoyant team in August, I immediately saw the opportunity to take full advantage of key trends around efficiency, consolidation of cybersecurity tools, and the need for better security outcomes,” said Jason Thompson, chief marketing officer, BlueVoyant. “The Elements platform does just that for our customers, and positions us to move further and faster than anyone in the market by delivering the world-class technology, telemetry, and talent needed to secure our modern world.”

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