Appealing to the interest of channel partners that are involved with hybrid cloud deployments for enterprise customers or cyber resilience expansion to combat cyberattacks, Infinidat unveiled two new solutions, which company executives call “a bold move” that bolsters Infinidat’s position as a leading enterprise storage solution provider for the automation of hybrid cloud storage and cyber storage resilience.

Infinidat announced the launch of InfuzeOS Cloud Edition, which puts its software-defined storage capabilities into the public cloud to enable and support the hybrid cloud storage deployments of enterprise customers. The company also announced InfiniSafe Cyber Detection, which adds new capabilities for enterprise primary storage to better resist cyberattacks. Infinidat is now one of the few storage vendors to offer cyber detection on primary storage.

The market analyst Dave Pearson, Research VP at IDC, commented on Infinidat’s announcement: “Infinidat’s extension of its operating system to hybrid cloud environments with InfuzeOS Cloud Edition enables use cases that are primed for hybrid cloud storage, ranging from disaster recovery and backup to dev ops to burst capacity to cloud storage. The expansion of InfiniSafe is giving enterprises advanced cyber storage detection and rapid recovery capabilities. Infinidat continues to extend its storage portfolio to provide the functionality that its customers expect and need with hybrid cloud, autonomous automation, cyber storage resilience, or cyber detection capabilities.”

Hybrid cloud storage solutions enable IT managers to modernize their storage services, on-prem, and in the public cloud to deliver mobility, cyber storage resiliency, and increased operational efficiency. By the year 2025, according to the analyst firm Gartner, 60% of infrastructure and operations leaders will implement at least one of the hybrid cloud storage use cases, representing a significant increase from 20% in 2022. 

Dean Jamison, Co-president and Chief Technology Officer at Dynamix, said, “Infinidat’s innovations in hybrid cloud storage and cyber detection for primary storage are essential new solutions for our enterprise customers. With the move to hybrid cloud storage, the seamless path between on-premises storage and the cloud that InfuzeOS Cloud Edition brings is exactly what our enterprise accounts need. At the same time, with the business cost of cyberattacks approaching $10T, the capabilities of InfiniSafe Cyber Detection are just what the doctor ordered to help minimize the impacts of cybercrime on enterprises. These two new solutions result in a powerful portfolio of offerings that easily incorporate into our customers’ infrastructure. Infinidat’s strong momentum and continued release of award-winning solutions provides partners, such as Dynamix Group, with the right technology to meet the needs of our most demanding enterprise customers.”

“The launch of InfuzeOS Cloud Edition signifies a bold move to extend the unmatched Infinidat user experience, encompassing ease of use, autonomous automation, and powerful enterprise data services across a hybrid cloud storage environment,” said Eric Herzog, CMO at Infinidat. “With Infinidat’s operating system now in the public cloud, we can provide a consistent core-to-cloud experience through our full support for hybrid cloud deployments.”

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the first supported public cloud platform for InfuzeOS Cloud Edition in a single node InfiniBox configuration. Customers can deploy a full version of InfuzeOS that resides in their AWS environment. The InfuzeOS Cloud Edition solution expands Infinidat’s activities as an AWS Partner Network member, including its existing AWS Outposts Ready designation. 

Herzog added, “Simultaneously, we’re addressing concerns about cyberattacks by adding cyber storage detection to our award-winning InfiniSafe cyber storage resilience technology with the introduction of InfiniSafe Cyber Detection. This adds an essential tool for enterprises to enable comprehensive cyber storage resilience and recovery for enterprise primary storage. Infinidat is now the ‘go-to’ enterprise storage solution provider for the automation of hybrid cloud storage and cyber storage detection.” 

InfiniSafe Cyber Detection is designed to help enterprises resist and quickly recover from cyberattacks. It provides highly intelligent deep scanning and indexing needed to identify potential issues. InfiniSafe Cyber Detection inspects the full breadth of files, applications, core storage infrastructure (such as volumes), and databases for signs of cyber threats for primary storage environments, helping ensure all data that needs to be recovered has integrity. 

InfiniSafe Cyber Detection uses advanced machine-learning models that provide 99.5% confidence in detecting cyber threats. This helps dealing with false positive/negatives and greatly reduces the effort in any additional forensics. Over 200 points of determination are included, using content-based analytics that inspect inside files for even subtle signs of attack. The post-attack dashboard, which includes a forensic report, details the last known good copy of the data for rapid, intelligent recovery. 

“With the announcement of InfuzeOS Cloud Edition and InfiniSafe Cyber Detection, Infinidat is addressing two of the largest concerns of our enterprise customers − hybrid cloud storage integration and cyber security,” said Goran Jezic, CEO, Business Computer Systems. “Infinidat continues to deliver enterprise customers tremendous technical and business value. Infinidat’s InfiniSafe Cyber Detection helps enterprises recover from and avoid cyberattacks, while InfuzeOS Cloud Edition provides them with seamless hybrid storage cloud deployments. Infinidat’s leadership position continues to be extended.”

InfuzeOS Cloud Edition is now available. Later in 2023, it will be available directly through the AWS Marketplace. InfiniSafe Cyber Detection will ship in the second half of 2023. This cyber detection solution works on the InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA platforms.

The company also announced that it will conduct a free webinar on June 14th entitled: “Introducing the Ultimate in Cyber Storage Resilience and Seamless Hybrid Cloud Storage” which is open to anyone at the following link.

Source: Infinidat