This big question was sparked a couple years ago from a discussion between TechnoPlanet and eMailPlatform. Today the two companies announced that vendors, VARs and MSPs can start using their powerful marketing automation platform, designed specifically for the IT Channel.

“There are many e-marketing tools, but they all have one big problem in common – users have to create their own content:  it’s time-consuming and costly. To solve this, we decided to retool our news media division by expanding their scope to also generate content for end-user consumption,” commented Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet.

With the support of participating vendors, TechnoPlanet built “on-ramps” into their news network. This “on-ramp”  allows vendors to feed their original content in real-time. The catch was the content itself! It could not be just any content, as it had to be relevant and educational. TechnoPlanet’s editorial team monitors and curates all content feeds entering the system to ensure its relevance to the channel.

Each VAR or MSP can also create their own content or share content from multiple other sources, including social media or blogs. A massive database of (free) images is also included.  That makes it very easy to drag and drop amazing content to send to customers.

Jens Baun, North American Director said: “e-MailPlatform was developed in Denmark and is used by some of the largest e-mail broadcasting companies in the World.  Lego, the Danish toy company was one of our first customers. Now customers like Toyota, Apple or Unicef are using our newsletter marketing tool. They like it because it makes their Marketing efficient, easy to use and allows a personal touch. The platform is tested and trusted so that means that your email gets to proper inbox of your customers 99% of the time and our strict privacy compliance ensures your data remains your data forever.”

The platform automatically post content to their social media to reach their customers anyway they prefer. All activities are 100% tracked so adjustments can be made to maximize ROI. The platform also integrates with thousands of apps to push and pull content to drive more results. With its built-in AI, the system can automatically generate all sorts of personalized content to welcome new prospects to nurturing leads and maintaining customer engagement.

Research shows that Email marketing can generate an ROI of $40 for every $1 spent. With the Artificial Intelligence automation of the tool, ease of use and the content feed as well as the low subscription price of $50 per month for the partner, this ROI is likely to jump 100X.

So here is the magic formula…

TechnoPlanet’s Content + eMailPlatform (e-newsletter + Social Sharing) + AI + Reader Behaviour Tracking = Exponential Successful Sales Demand Generation that is sustainable and predictable!

Check out this 25-minute presentation on this solution!

For vendors: Subscribe to your “on-ramp” to the system to start feeding your content and measure the sales growth of your partners. Inject new product announcements, special offers and important educational content to appeal to the end-users.

For VARs and MSPs: Test-drive the system for FREE to see how it can impact your customers’ buying behaviour and loyalty.