Perimeter 81 Co-founders: Sagi Gidali, CPO, and Amit Bareket, CEO.

Israel-based Perimeter 81 continues its journey to build up its North America business with a brand-new partner portal.

Perimeter 81 collaborated with Pittsburgh, Penn.-based partner relationship management (PRM) vendor MindMatrix in creating the portal.

The cloud VPN provider worked with Mindmatrix’s PRM solution because of the company’s ability to provide a single unified platform for offering tools such as channel enablement, marketing automation, and marketing asset management.

The unified management platform was key for Perimeter 81’s go-to-market strategy. Highlighting the new portal are five essential tools for channel partners. They are:

  1. Co-Branded Marketing Assets: By using the portal solution providers are able to co-brand and distribute marketing materials;
  2. Training Materials: Channel partners have access to a sales playbook filled with scripts, technical guides and presentations;
  3. Lead Sharing: Perimeter 81 plans to provide partners with contacts for relevant leads;
  4. Lead Generation: Through the portal partners can create customized email campaigns to on-board current clients and cultivate prospects; and
  5. Deal Registration: Partners can now establish deal priority on the portal, while also having the ability to track and register deals.

Perimeter 81’s co-founder and CEO Amit Bereket told EChannelNews, in a previous interview, that the company’s go-to-market strategy relies heavily on managed services providers and he is committed to making them more successful by providing these tools on the portal.

The new portal has more than just five elements. The company is also providing partners with a free-to-use customer relationship management service.

Mindmatrix founder and CEO Harbinder Khera said one of key factors driving channel partner relationship success is helping them sell and market better.

“Partners have too much going on already and will naturally pick vendors whose products and services are the easiest to sell. Providing partners with ready-to-use tools and resources that help them build their brand in the local market, will make all the difference. With its Partner Portal, Mindmatrix is helping Perimeter 81 accomplish that,” he said.

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