Fujitsu unveiled Easy NX Connect for M-Files, a new connector for the FUJITSU fi-7300NX document scanner. Easy NX Connect for M-Files creates a simplified way to scan into M-Files, tag metadata, classify documents and track versions without needing to upgrade existing document management systems.

Yasunari Shimizu, President & CEO of Fujitsu Computer Products of Americamentionned that many organizations have several document management systems that have been installed over the years. Often these disparate systems don’t communicate with one another so With Easy NX Connect for M-Files, these businesses can keep their existing systems, saving them the high cost of revamping their infrastructure, while implementing an intelligent content management platform.

The fi-7300NX is the newest and most innovative scanner in its category with multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The scanner includes its own server, NX Manager, to enable PC-less scanning and integrates with an organization’s chosen cloud or on- premise platform. Making this integration even simpler is Easy NX Connect for M-Files, an add-on authentication and connector package that streamlines the deployment process.

M-Files is the only intelligent information management platform that organizes content based on what it is, not where it’s stored on the company network. The AI-powered, metadata-based platform enables users to access and manage information through a single view, regardless of whether that information resides in M-Files or across other systems and repositories, all without requiring costly and time-consuming data migration.

Easy NX Connect for M-Files, together with Fujitsu and M-Files solutions provide:
-Quick and direct login to M-Files vaults and document classification
-Secure authorization of users using a near field communication (NFC) Card or User name/Password login
-Metadata tagging to identify documents instantly
-AI to automate document classification
-Acceleration of paper-based scan processes and elimination of complex steps
-Reduced costs associated with expensive document management solutions and IT implementation

Here what ScottErickson, SVP of Worldwide Channel Sales at M-Files said: “Easy NX Connect for M-Files is an exciting advancement that leverages the M-Files platform to help enterprises on their journey to a truly digital workplace.”  “As an M-Files Certified Application Partner (CAP), Fujitsu demonstrates a like-minded commitment to delivering breakthrough technology that helps enterprises drive innovation across their organizations.”