Cradlepoint announced significant updates for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) at this year’s North American Partner Summit in Austin, Texas, March 7-8. To bolster the managed service provider (MSP) experience, Cradlepoint will expand its current offerings as part of the existing Cradlepoint Partner Program, including enhancing NetCloud functionality and licensing benefits, specialized support, and the development of an “MSP Playbook.”

Organizations across industries increasingly turn to wireless solutions, such as 5G, to deliver agile, secure, and reliable wide-area network (WAN) connectivity. Gartner believes that the year of “wireless value realization” is upon us, with 50 per cent of enterprise wireless endpoints expected to use networking services that deliver additional capabilities beyond communication by 2025. This rapidly growing market underscores a significant opportunity for Cradlepoint and its partners to expand their Wireless WAN leadership, particularly regarding MSPs leveraging Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and portfolio of fixed sites, mobile, and IoT cellular routers.

Customers leverage managed services to cut IT costs and stay current with new technologies. In response, MSP customers rely on Cradlepoint solutions, managed by NetCloud Manager, to meet growing needs. Cradlepoint is introducing a new flexible subscription model, allowing MSPs to control their customer lifecycle and bolstering profitability while rewarding partners for their performance and loyalty through future lead generation capabilities.

Specific new enhancements include: 

●  Updated Benefits and Requirements that align with the MSP practice 

●  Cradlepoint University Training targeted specifically for the MSP practice

●  New MSP-only subscription model and pricelist

●  Planned NetCloud Manager enhancements exclusively for MSPs

●  “White glove” logistics support

In addition to these enhancements, Cradlepoint will develop an “MSP Playbook,” set to launch in the second half of this year. As part of the playbook, partners will receive guidance on their market opportunity, use cases & success stories, marketing, sales, training support, and a full program review. The Playbook is designed to support MSPs further as they work with Cradlepoint to create and deliver managed networking and cloud-based services as key components in their offerings.

“5G is an essential WAN infrastructure, and we are seeing firsthand how our partners are leveraging the technology to enable agile and secure connectivity for their customers while creating new market opportunities for their own business,” said Tony Puopolo, Vice President of MSP Sales at Cradlepoint. “We are ‘all channel, all the time,’ meaning our partners are an extension of our company. As our channel program has grown globally, we have listened and worked with our partners to evolve and enhance our programs, including this very important step of supporting their managed service offerings.”

To learn more about the Cradlepoint Partner Program with the new MSP entitlements that will launch in Q3 2023, please visit Cascade or

Source: Cradelepoint