Over the past 18 years, we have been building our eChannelNEWS channel community to over 65,000 VARs, MSPs, ITSPs, MSSPs and ISVs by delivering relevant news and information that can positively impact their businesses. We also have thousands of vendors, distributors and other tech journalists who subscribe. Our focus is to consistently bring important news and ideas that matter to the IT Channel. Our subscribers find many valuable nuggets among the thousands of news articles we publish. And, it’s FREE to subscribe and browse!

This channel community continues to grow organically every day as more partners choose to leverage eChannelNEWS as a solid news source, but we wanted to do more…

We built specialty news columns to better serve the needs of our community such as Women In Tech and The Daily Breach. We built a resource to help channel partners find the right tools to streamline their businesses. We built a tool to help them benchmark their best business practices. We built a blog to share business tips.

A few years ago, we embarked on a deeper discovery journey to find out what more we could do to support the channel. This ultimately led to us building a brand new sub-community and marketplace called the “Channel Partner Alliance“.

Its mission is to help channel partners to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business. We achieve this by helping them to build best business practices (through Mastermind peer-groups) within a recurring revenue business model. We also added more power tools like marketing automation and an e-procurement tool that allows members to place orders, check price and availability from all major distributors. As you dig into the CPA benefits, you will understand its true value.

What we thought would be just another addition to our channel community-building mission, has since become a great passion as we now see this community becoming the next generation of strong channel partners. A very good thing for the entire IT industry.

Is the Channel Partner Alliance right for you? Check it out for yourself…

Step 1: Test Drive Standard Membership For FREE

Join the Channel Partner Alliance to experience the virtual and live activities to build your business through “mastermind” peer groups. You get an e-procurement portal to check price and availability as well as buy from all major distributors. You also get to access a new educational masterclass session every month. Plus, a few other goodies. You can get all this for FREE as part of the Standard membership level to test drive the benefits for the first year (How we do that? You pay zero because we hit up the vendors for some MDF to cover your cost). Of course, you can choose to pay for your membership fees directly and opt-out to having us go after MDF funds on your behalf. We also have a Virtual-Only membership so you can access many benefits remotely for only $97 per month as well as a Sales-Only membership to build your sales skills. Once you experience the activities, you will quickly understand if the membership benefits work for you!

Step 2: Accelerate by upgrading to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Membership

If you like the results, then move up to a Bronze, Silver or Gold membership to work with a permanent peer group throughout the year to improve and grow every aspect of your business. We will work with you to place you into the appropriate peer-group. You will fast-track your business to the next level. You can leverage the marketplace to find and build partner-to-partner relationships to deliver wider services and solutions. Access more benefits from vendor and distributor partners.

Step 3: Double Down

As you get comfortable working with your peer-group, it will become clear how you can double down to leverage more benefits and get more value. Continue to leverage the power of other CPA members as you exchange ideas, share best practices and open doors for more partner-to-partner collaborations. Get better costs on a wide range of products and services. Exploit more tools and services to help streamline and grow faster. Dig deeper and wider to leverage all of the resources of the community.

As multiple peer groups continue to collaborate and accelerate sales growth, who knows where it will lead. The marketplace will certainly accelerate to attract more customers while helping members to deliver a wider range of services with the support of their trusted peers. With the CPA members steering the future of the group, the possibilities are endless.

Ready to learn more or take first step…

Click to learn everything you need to know about the Channel Partner Alliance. Click on the the videos to hear with others say. Explore the various membership levels and its corresponding benefits. Become a member today!

Vendors and distributors: learn how you can support your channel partners to become sales champions and recruit new partners who run on best business practices!