For the past eight years we have been hosting a Channel Manager Summit to share insights and exchange ideas to help Channel Managers and Channel Chiefs to improve their channel game in the new year. Usually, we bolted this activity to our annual Reseller Choice and Best Managed IT Companies Awards Gala. However this year, we have spun it off to a different date and made it a full-day conference.

It is going to be a day of extreme channel business building!

It’s truly a unique opportunity to learn about all of the latest trends and data points that are shaping the channel as well as pick the brains of some of the best channel experts in the industry. We jam-packed a lot of relevant content into this one-day summit to make a positive impact on the jobs of Channel Managers and Chiefs.

Here are a few highlights for the 2020 summit…

Jay McBain will discuss the latest trends on where vendors need to be in order to remain relevant in the evolving channel community. If you don’t want to be blindsided in your channel journey, then don’t miss this.

Tim Brunt will deliver all of the latest research data in the technology sector on every level. What’s happening in the channel. What the business and consumer spend looked like in 2019 and projections for 2020. What are the most lucrative market trends. And so much more data, data, data!

Julian Lee will share some of the results generated from the recent Reseller Choice Awards survey to help vendors to better understand what channel partners think about vendors and distributors across the country. This will be an eye opening experience as you compare to your competitors. This is exclusive to the Channel Manager Summit.

Paolo Del Nibletto will talk about the most effective ways to get your message disseminated through news media to the entire channel. He will also share some insights on being a Channel Chief and how to get your message heard in the Channel. Actually, if you wish to do a video news interview for free to reach the entire channel community, you can do it right after the event!

Glynis Devine will share some powerful insights on the 4 key differences on how people communicate and how you can easily master the skills necessary to build the best partnerships and relationships (as well as resolve conflicts)! She will also touch on diversity issues in the channel and why it matters to channel growth.

Check out the profiles of these speakers on LinkedIn.

The “Mastermind” peer-group session will help solve your biggest pain points in channel development as you brainstorm solutions with your peers, guided by the facilitators. Once you experience this, you will understand its true value! You may want to join a vendor mastermind peer group for the rest of the year!

On top of this, we will have the open panel discussion with four leading channel partners who will give you deep and honest insights as to what it takes to truly build stronger partnerships and relationships with them. You also get to ask them questions to better understand how to fine-tune your channel partners recruitment and development playbooks.

I could go on and on about why attending this one day conference matters to all professionals who work in the IT industry to build stronger channel partnerships and drive sales, but instead I will simply make one bold statement…

“Every attending channel professional will definitely take home at least one gigantic idea from this summit to help them to significantly improve their channel business in 2020!”

Just getting one big idea is well worth your investment in time and effort. But, I have an even bigger prediction that you will be bringing home a lot more than just one!

Date: February 13, 2020

Location: The Old Mill, Toronto (21 Old Mill Road).

Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Learn more or register: ChannelNEXT Channel Manager Summit 2020