It was a great evening to recognize and celebrate some of the country’s best managed IT Companies. Each recipient had to complete an assessment of 200 questions in 12 areas of best practices as well as other reviews to be able to take home one of these awards. Each applicant received a rating between 0 and 100. Only fifty companies with the highest scores after completing the entire assessment can get one of these awards.

This best business practice rating is poised to be the new gold standard measurement of success for VARs, MSPs and ITSPs.

Sales volume was NOT a factor in the assessment because a best managed company is most likely already profitable and have the right stuff to continue growing. No applicant got a perfect score. Applicants had an average of 7 areas in which they they could significantly improve. The key message to every VAR, MSP and ITSP is to keep on improving every area of weakness. One MSP summed it up very well “We seek to improve 1% every day!” Eventually this persistence will translate into more profitable growth that is also sustainable and predictable. This is also the type of channel partners that vendors and distributors need!

Stronger Channel Partners is a good thing for the entire IT Industry

What’s in it for VARs, MSPs and ITSPs?

  1. Benchmark their best business practices to improve their weaknesses
  2. Recognized as one of the country’s Best Managed IT Companies with an Award
  3. Leadership and employee pride
  4. Attract new top-end employees
  5. PR in local community
  6. Attract new customers
  7. Retain current customers
  8. Attract deeper support from vendors and distributors
  9. Benchmark progress year over year

Learn more or take the free assessment!

It was also a great networking evening with good food, fun and live entertainment!

Much more to come next week on this Best Managed IT Companies awards as well as the Reseller Choice Awards and Channel Manager Summit that was also held on the same day. Right now, we are in recovery mode :o).

Check soon on ecnTV to watch full video coverage and my “fireside” chat with Rick Reid, President of Tech Data Canada (who also won the Award for The Best Distributor for the 10th consecutive year). All together, vendors and distributors took home awards in 81 categories!