Panelists from left to right: Julian Lee, TechnoPlanet, Mukesh Singh, VP Sales North America, ColorTokens, Aaron Gill, Senior Director of Channel, Jolera, Stephen Nichols, Director Solutions Engineering, Acronis

The majority of channel partners provide some level of cybersecurity managed services to their customers. It’s the hottest topic right now. Some work may have to be outsourced to a third-party SOC or similar organization, depending on their capabilities. The question for MSPs and MSSPs is how much cybersecurity services they can offer in- house and whether it makes sense to build it or outsource it. Vendors have recently added more AI and automation to their platforms in order to make it easier for channel partners to deploy and manage. Many vendors provide channel partners with the assistance they require to do this on their own! We will investigate the current state of the business of developing managed cybersecurity services.