Centreon Software Systems Ltd., a trusted provider of enterprise monitoring solutions for converging and hybrid IT infrastructures, announced the launch of its new North American operations. The move makes it easier for enterprise customers in the U.S. and Canada to access the company’s flagship IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM) solution as digital transformation markets accelerate. Company co-founder Romain Le Merlus has assumed the role of CEO for the North American operations; co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer Julien Mathis has assumed the role of CEO, Europe.

North America is a mature IT market, and organizations are struggling with multiple legacy tools that are not designed to monitor converging on-premises and cloud infrastructures,” said Le Merlus. “The result is operational siloes and lack of visibility, while outages persist. This places organizations at a competitive disadvantage and hinders their ability to innovate and transform digitally. Our open source DNA enables organizations to take an agile approach, so they can consolidate and streamline IT monitoring, cut cost and complexity, and future proof IT operations. We couldn’t be more excited to be launching our North American operations at a time when these organizations need us most.”

International Data Corporation forecasts a compound annual growth rate of 17.9% in spending on digital transformation for the period through 2021 – at that time the spending will nearly double to more than $2.1 trillion1. “Gartner’s CIO survey shows that overall IT budgets are relatively modest, growing just 2.3% in 2017, the performance analysis software market is growing five times that rate… In total, the ITOM market is expected to grow at a 8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2021, reaching $34.9 billion.” 2 With its established track record and over 30% growth YoY, Centreon is well-positioned to address the infrastructure monitoring challenges of companies embracing digital transformation.

“Centreon solutions provide significant advantages to our customers – both on the business and technical side,” said Loïc Fontaine, CEO and CTO of France-based IT monitoring consultancy Lolokaï Conseil and Certified Centreon EMS Partner. “Increasingly as we help our customers embrace digital transformation, our approach to monitoring has had to evolve from one that is strictly technical to one that is business-oriented. CIOs expect their monitoring tools to help them make better decisions, and Centreon brings them that.”

Centreon EMS, the company’s flagship, modular, all-in-one Enterprise Monitoring Suite, has a growing installed base of international IT users and is fast becoming a leading standard of European SMBs, Fortune 1000 enterprises and public sector organizations. Agile and renowned for its ability to deliver top-down unified views, the solution enables streamlined and cross-domain monitoring for IT operations management (ITOM) seeking to avoid costly downtime as they manage big data and integrate new toolsets.  Centreon EMS paves the way for organizations to innovate, future-prove their IT investments and adopt new technologies. To date, Centreon has more than 200,000 users of its open source platform and counts more than 3,000 downloads a month.

For more information or a demo, please visit www.centreon.com