How to make sure you’ve got the right balance to enhance cybersecurity and productivity at your organisation – and how much should you spend?

While cybersecurity is often spoken of in terms of an arms race, for private equity firms it shouldn’t be about winning a race but deploying proportionate measures to keep their people and organisations safe. The big question is, how do you decide how much to invest and where should you invest it?

Caleb Mills and Owen Morris of Doherty Associates join the podcast to discuss how firms can get to grips with the cyber essentials whilst navigating the ever-changing work landscape. Cybersecurity is vital, but a secure, ineffective system is as bad as a productive insecure system. When looking to invest, there needs to be equal balance between the two. The pair will look to provide answers to some key challenges facing leadership. From the benefits of partnering with MSPs with cyber capabilities in comparison to dedicated MSSPs, to how firms can improve collaboration and data-sharing without compromising capabilities and covering everything in between.