Aware, Inc., a leading authentication company applying proven and trusted adaptive authentication to solve everyday business challenges with biometrics, disrupted the industry with the introduction of its newest product, AwareID. Gone are the days when advanced security was only available to those organizations with large budgets, deep IT teams and time to spare. AwareID combines the historically-disjointed best practices behind identity verification, multi-factor authentication and multi-modal biometrics into a single, low-code platform that is pre-configured for the most common use cases and is functional right from the start.

“From a consumer perspective we know that users are fed up with passwords, as reiterated in our recent survey. From a customer perspective, we know organizations are struggling to piece together disparate technology in an attempt to find the right balance of friction and security,” says Craig Herman, chief revenue officer at Aware. “AwareID takes the burden off the customer’s organization and provides a functional offering that can be deployed in a matter of minutes versus months, and at a fraction of the cost of existing piecemeal solutions.”

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