Accurics, the cloud cyber resilience specialist, launched a channel program designed for partners who share a developer-first approach to cloud security, in tune with the era of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). As new cloud native technologies accelerate innovation, bringing both benefits and risk, the Accurics channel program empowers partner organizations to help clients codify security throughout the development lifecycle, facilitating self-healing cloud native infrastructure and ensuring end-to-end security in all cloud applications.

“The Accurics channel program reflects the fundamental principle that a developer-first approach is vital for optimizing cloud security,” said Alex Ausmanas, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships at Accurics. “Our solution reduces risk by implementing security guardrails early in the development lifecycle, and this strategy takes those benefits even further. We’re proud to be joined by some of the greatest innovators in the channel arena who are enabling digital transformation for customers, and we’re proud to serve them through a truly differentiated solution supporting cyber resilience.”

The Accurics solution builds on a developer-first philosophy to complement a comprehensive offering. It features:

  1. Policy as Code: Accurics provides 1,800-plus policies across compliance standards, such as CIS Benchmarks, SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NYDFS, and GDPR, so that policy guardrails can be enabled in minutes. During development, the technology scans IaC to detect violations, and integrates with CI/CD tools to block risky builds. The same policies are assessed in runtime as users make changes to infrastructure configurations.
  2. Security as Code: Accurics generates a real-time topology across all infrastructure by identifying resources, configurations and dependencies, then models threats using data such as threat feeds, trust boundaries and IAM privileges to identify potential breach paths in code and runtime.
  3. Drift as Code: Accurics enables organizations to establish a secure baseline through IaC during development, then continuously monitors the cloud infrastructure to detect configuration changes and assesses them for risk.
  4. Remediation as Code: Accurics automatically generates code to resolve a misconfiguration and generates a pull request. The appropriate developer will receive notification and simply needs to review, approve, and merge the code. Alternately, organizations may elect to override insecure configurations with secure defaults to self-heal cloud infrastructure.

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