Speaker: Matthew Grantham. Head of WW Partners at Nasuni

Julian Lee and Matthew discussed the challenges faced by value-added resellers (VARs) in the technology industry, including the shift towards managed service providers (MSPs) and the evolving demands of businesses. They explored the potential for VARs to adapt and thrive in the changing ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of understanding and delivering value to clients. They also discussed the factors driving cloud adoption, such as the pandemic’s impact, cost implications, and security considerations, and the crucial role of partners in understanding customer objectives.

The conversation touched upon the challenges of unstructured data and file management in the transition to the cloud, and the complexities of cloud storage decisions, emphasizing the need for a nuanced approach that considers factors such as data criticality, security, performance, location, and collaboration requirements. They highlighted the role of their company in providing unique solutions that can help partners differentiate themselves and address critical storage challenges, ultimately aiming to provide valuable and impactful solutions for both partners and customers.

The meeting also discussed the challenges faced by traditional VARs, emphasizing their resistance to change and lack of investment in modern technologies, which has led to a decline in their value. They discussed a strategy to facilitate the acquisition of the book of business from these VARs by MSPs, offering them a long-term return on investment through a percentage of the recurring revenue. They also emphasized the need to focus on quality partners rather than pursuing a large number of partners, and the different strategies for the commercial and enterprise spaces.

Here are some main predictions from Nasuni:

  • Untapped potential for traditional VARs  
  • Ignoring SaaS and AI’s trends is not an option
  • Nasuni’s unique offer to partners seeking strategic cloud growth   

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