01 Communique Laboratory Inc., one of the first-to-market, enterprise level cybersecurity providers for the quantum computing era, today announced a Bounty Contest 2021 (February 22 – March 22) for the chance to win a grand prize of CAD $100,000 in cash. This Bounty Contest is exclusively sponsored by PwC China.

As the race for quantum supremacy intensifies, so is the concern over cyber security. Quantum computers could very well crack traditional encryption earlier than we expect. Canadian Company 01 Communique claims that its cryptography technology, IronCAP™ can be deployed on existing computers in order to protect them against the quantum threat. It is prepared to put IronCAP™ to the test in the Bounty Contest.

Andrew Cheung enthusiastically stated, “This Bounty Contest is an ideal platform for participants who are innovators, researchers, scientists, domain experts, academics to test our IronCAP™ technology. I am confident that IronCAP™ can face these challenges and ultimately earn recognition as the best-in-class quantum safe solution. Having PwC China’s support in this important exercise is of particular significance given China’s advanced research and development capability in Quantum technology.”

Samuel Sinn, Partner, Cybersecurity & Privacy Services, PwC China stated: “We are delighted to sponsor this Bounty Contest organized by 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. We rely on encryption technology to protect our information asset, and as we approach the Quantum age, we need a new generation of cryptographic solutions to continue to safeguard the trust we need in the digital world. This contest is an excellent opportunity for IronCAP™ to demonstrate its robustness against the quantum threat.”


The Company expects participants from around the world to test its quantum-safe encryption. Beginning on Monday, February 22 at 12am EST, participants will be given 30 days to explore IronCAP™ encryption. A cash prize of CAD100,000 will be awarded to the first person that is able to break the encryption. The result will be announced on Monday, March 22 where the outcome of the Bounty Contest will be revealed!

You can register for the event beginning February 8th online at https://www.ironcap.ca/ironcap-bountycontest/