It’s a very important question for the channel community. As partners become more frustrated from navigating a growing numbers of different vendor portals, there will be a breaking point. Partners may choose not to add a vendor just because they don’t want the trouble of having to work through another portal. At some point the partners will need to simplify doing business with multiple vendors.

When will that be and how will it be done? It’s a question that SPIISEE may be able to answer. It’s still early days, but the channel is headed for a transformation and vendors will need to be on the right side of the fence. Vendors who choose to ignore this problem may run the risk of alienating some of their partners. 

There are many moving parts to building any channel partner ecosystem. What was best practice yesterday may not necessarily be the same tomorrow. New players like Spiisee may become the next  breed of “PRM” disrupters.

Check out my interview with their team.