If you would like to energize your business, then join your peers at the ChannelNEXT20 EAST conference, home of Channel Partner Alliance members. It’s where the best “mastermind” peer-group learning experience happens through confidential collaboration guided by the best business coaching to solve the biggest pain points.

Especially if you work anywhere in Eastern Ontario or Quebec, or any of the Maritime Provinces as well as our American neighbors in the East Coast states, then this is definitely YOUR regional annual channel conference! However, you are welcome to attend regardless of where you are located! Networking and collaborating with your peers outside of your local market has great value.

Imagine sitting around this fireplace with your peer group, chatting about your pain points that are keeping you awake and finding the best answers to solve them…

This year, we picked a really cool renovated resort, tucked away in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains just 45 minutes from Montreal. You just need to get away from the noise to hear what’s truly important to your business and life (Bring your spouse and guests to enjoy the resort while you work and have them join in the fun activities. This resort has everything including an incredible SPA, skiing, other adventure activities and outlet shopping across the street 😃).

It’s been two years of fine-tuning the new ChannelNEXT conference format to help channel partners and vendors accelerate success.

Listen to what attendees had to say about the experience coast to coast…

EAST Video


WEST Video

Unlike other traditional conferences where loads of exhibitors and celebrity speakers are the main attractions, ChannelNEXT is all about building best business practices through peer-group collaboration, guided by professional coaches. Attendees get support that continues long after the conference is over!

Of course, we also have an outstanding selection of channel-only vendor exhibitors offering leading-edge managed services and recurring revenue opportunities. You will also experience all of the gourmet dining and fun hospitality experiences for social networking and relationship building.

Two ways to participate:

  1. Buy A ticket with an early-bird discount. See ChannelNEXT.
  2. Become a member of Channel Partner Alliance to attend for FREE! Join at Channel Partner Alliance. Membership is ALSO FREE!

There is no reason not to attend and experience this first-hand. It’s wise to prove to yourself why investing two days with your peers to energize business is the right decision for you!

After doing channel conferences for 18 years, we have learned what works and what doesn’t. We know that attending any one event, including ChannelNEXT, is simply not enough for a bigger sustainable impact. That is why the Channel Partner Alliance is now open to help you 365 days a year!

What’s the Channel Partner Alliance you ask?

It’s 100% about supporting MSPs, VARs, MSSPs and ITSP to build best business practices through peer-group collaborations, while building sustainable and predictable recurring revenue. The bonus? We leverage Vendor MDF to subsidize the participating members’ costs. Learn why and how or simply contact us!

No need to wait for the ChannelNEXT event to start benefiting! Join the Channel Partner Alliance today!

Our other CENTRAL and WEST ChannelNEXT20 events are coming up later in the year. Check ChannelNEXT web site for dates and locations or contact us to get on the update list.

Save the date April 20-21 for our ChannelNEXT20 EAST!