Vaultive launched a new set of cloud security and governance capabilities for Slack, a cloud-based team collaboration application. The latest additions to the Vaultive Cloud Security Platform protect sensitive data and promote compliant cloud usage for organizations using Slack to improve team productivity and information sharing.

“The compelling and simple user experience and ‘freemium’ pricing make it easy to for teams and departments to get started with Slack without IT approval or support,” said Doug Lane, vice president of marketing at Vaultive. “Before security teams have the right controls in place, usage of the popular application can spread across an organization rapidly, allowing sensitive information like passwords, customer data, and even source code to be transmitted to Slack’s cloud infrastructure without appropriate protections applied.”

The Vaultive Cloud Security Platform delivers enhanced security for Slack by applying incremental cloud security and governance controls, including:

Data encryption for both text and attachments that gives organizations sole custody of their encryption keys while preserving search capabilities
Attribute-and transaction-level policy controls that can block certain types of sensitive information from being shared via Slack
A powerful set of auditing capabilties that IT teams can use to ensure appropriate and compliant Slack usage
These capabilities are delivered through a unified platform architecture that can also protect other software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms, and custom web applications. This gives organizations a future-proof approach to cloud security that avoids lock-in with any one cloud service provider.