Vade recently announced a new partnership with Liongard to release a new Inspector geared toward helping managed service providers (MSPs) gain deeper visibility and save time. This new Inspector automatically surfaces critical account data, streamlining user management, and billing for M365 users.

The Vade Inspector is included in Liongard’s latest release and focuses on surfacing the powerful security information from Vade in Liongard’s platform. Users will be able to leverage licensing, billing, and security data to simplify security management, accounting, and reporting.

Vade helps MSPs, ISPs, and OEMs protect their users from advanced cyber threats, such as phishing, spear phishing, malware, and ran

Vade is a global cybersecurity company specializing in the development of threat detection and response technology with artificial intelligence. Vade’s products and solutions protect consumers, businesses, and organizations from email-borne cyberattacks, including malware/ransomware, spear phishing/business email compromise, and phishing.

Founded in 2009, Vade protects more than 1 billion corporate and consumer mailboxes and serves the ISP, SMB, and MSP markets with award-winning products and solutions that help increase cybersecurity and maximize IT efficiency. Learn more at 

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